Maintenance Terms

Customers are responsible for:

Palmer is responsible for:

  • Yearly FOID inspections (customer is responsible for bringing equipment to Palmer for inspection)
  • Scheduled Maintenance (Trailer Maintenance Schedule)
    • Lights
      • Shorts
      • Defective Parts
  • Brakes
    • Worn brake parts
      • Brake shoes with 1/4″ lining depth
    • Defective brake parts
      • Cracked or non-operational components
  • Tires (Tire Replacement Policy)
    • Tires with 2/32″ tread depth
    • Failed tires
  • Lubrication (Lubrication Maintenance)
    • Check and maintain proper axle oil/grease level
  • Normal wear and tear (Normal Wear Definition)
  • License and titling