Trailer Guide


To assist in keeping your trailer on the road and rolling, the following troubleshooting guide has been prepared for your convenience. You can avoid serious delay and downtime in servicing your trailer if the cause of the trouble can be diagnosed and corrected quickly by you.

NOTE: Observe the day-to-day care recommendations. Watch for the symptoms described below and contact Palmer Leasing for any required service. Use only the recommended lubricants and parts conforming to the trailers manufacturer specifications.

Trailer Guide

Brakes Will Not Release
Probable Cause Remedy
Low air pressure Check air line connections & verify sufficient air in tank
Brake shoes bound up at cams Lubricate brake operating parts
Brake hoses restricted Replace hoses
Brake out of adjustment Adjust brakes
Damaged brake assembly Bring trailer to Palmer Leasing for repair
No brakes or insuffencent brakes
Probable Cause Remedy
Source of air supply shut off at tractor Push control valve IN
Low brake line pressure Check air pressure gauge on tractor – Inoperative compressor
Brake lines between tractor and trailer not properly coupled Properly couple brake lines
Reservoir drain cock open Close drain cock
Slow brake application or release
Probable Cause Remedy
Lack of lubrication Lubricate brake operating parts
Excessive travel in brake chamber Adjust brakes
Restriction in hose or line Replace brake hose or line
Defective brake valve Replace brake valve
Brakes grabbing
Probable Cause Remedy
Foreign material on brake lining Reline brakes
Brakes out of adjustment Adjust brakes
Brake drum out-of-round Replace brake drum
Damaged brake chamber or internal assembly Bring trailer to Palmer Leasing for repair
Leaky or broken hose between relay valve and brake chamber Replace or repair as required
Brakes dragging
Probable Cause Remedy
Out of adjustment Adjust brakes
Binding cam, anchor pins or chamber rod end pin Lubricate and free up
Damaged brake assembly or brake drum out-of-round Replace
Issues with rims and axles
Probable Cause Remedy
Broken or cracked spring Replace complete spring
Weak spring Replace complete spring
Axle out of alignment Align axles
Tracking to one side or excess Align axles tire wear
Tire wobble due to uneven rim clamping Torque tighten all rim clamps
Burnt, worn or damaged wheel bearings Replace bearings
Bent wheel or rim Replace wheel or rim
Bent axle Replace or straighten axle
Leaking oil Replace wheel seals
Tracking to one side
Probable Cause Remedy
Leaf spring broken Replace complete spring
Bent axle Replace or straighten axle
Axles out of alignment Align axles
Loss of Tire Air Pressure
Probable Cause Remedy
Puncture in tire Repair or replace tire
Faulty valve or valve core Replace valve assembly or core
Uneven Tire Wear
Probable Cause Remedy
Over and under inflation Inflate to proper pressure
Loose wheel stud nuts or clamps Tighten wheel stud nuts or clamps
Loose or tight wheel bearing adjustment Adjust bearings
Axle bent or out of alignment Straighten, align, or replace axle
Tires not properly matched Match tires
Improper brake actuation Correct brakes as required
Rapid stopping Apply brakes slowly when approaching stop
High speed driving on turns Reduce speed
Won’t crank/Hard cranking
Probable Cause Remedy
Bent crank shaft Straighten or replace shaft
Bent cross shaft Replace shaft
Lack of lubricant or correct lubricant Lubricate in accordance with lubrication chart
Gears or components damaged Free up or replace
Jackscrew nut jammed Replace inner leg assembly
Probable Cause Remedy
Circuit breaker kicks off Correct short. Splice or repair wiring
Wires burned Replace wiring
Contact points dirty or corroded Remove lamp unit and clean
Loss of ground at bulb Repair as necessary
Complete Loss of Trailer Lights
Probable Cause Remedy
Broken main harness Repair or replace wire
Blown fuse or breaker Replace fuse
Broken ground lead between tractor and trailer Check, repair or replace jumper cable if equipped
Loose or corroded connection in ground lead between tractor and trailer Repair or replace
Dim or Flighering Lights
Probable Cause Remedy
Battery on tractor not sufficiently charged Charge battery
Damaged wire in jumper cable Repair or replace wire
Dirty or corroded contact blades Clean contact blades
Loose connection Repair as necessary
Poor ground at socket Repair as necessary
Cylinder Will Not Operate
Probable Cause Remedy
Insufficient oil level Fill reservoir to proper level
Restriction of oil flow Remove restriction
Pump is worn Repair or replace pump
Hydraulic hose not connected Connect a hose
Restricted control linkage Check and repair linkage
Broken key or keyway in drive Repair or replace key or keyway
Cylinder Will Not Hold
Probable Cause Remedy
Air in hydraulic system Bleed system by making several cycles
Valve control level not in hold position Check and repair linkage
Worn control valve Replace or repair valve
Worn pump Replace or repair pump
Noisy Pump
Probable Cause Remedy
Air in hydraulic system Bleed system of air
Restriction of oil flow Drain tank and remove restriction
Insufficient oil supply Fill reservoir
PTO running at excessive RPM Lower PTO RPM’s
Water in oil Drain system and replace oil
Dirty or contaminated oil Drain system and replace oil
Use of wrong viscosity or type oil Drain. Replace with recommended oil
Worn or damaged pump Replace pump

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