Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Palmer better than the competition?
We have been in this business since 1965, and our team has substantial expertise in trailer rental/leasing and our clients industries. More importantly, we develop an understanding of your unique company and objectives and put a higher priority on the relationship than the transaction. This means we do not view our business as a numbers game. We will never quote an artificially low rate with a goal of marking it up by charging for “damages” or other practices that are too common in the industry.

To whom does Palmer lease? 
Palmer Leasing offers our services exclusively to commercial enterprises.

Do you have a geographic focus?
We rent/lease our trailers throughout the United States, with our primary market being the Midwest. We are based in St. Louis.

How do I get pricing information?
Contact a sales representative who will quote a rate after discussing your specific equipment and requirements. We determine the rate based on the trailer type, term and other factors.

Do you offer pick-up & delivery?
Yes, we offer professional and convenient trailer pick-up and delivery service. Our drivers have substantial experience and have the ability to locate trailers with precision. Should you need loaded trailers moved or re-spotted, we maintain close relationships with reputable drayage and cartage companies to assist you.

I need specialized equipment I don’t see listed in Equipment Availability. Where should I look?
We carry more specialized equipment than most firms. Even when Palmer Leasing does not own a specific type of equipment, we will endeavor to assist our clients in locating and obtaining the equipment you require.

Do you sell equipment?
Yes, occasionally we sell some of our lease fleet, and other times we have clients ask us to assist them in buying or selling their used equipment. If you’re interested in purchasing used equipment, contact our office.

Do you offer long-term leases?
Yes, we will structure long-term lease option for clients who need equipment for an extended period of time. A long-term lease would constitute a minimum of one year. As the term increases – the rate decreases.

What are your hours of operation?
Palmer personnel must check in/out all equipment during hours of operation on Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

What are Palmers’ credit requirements?
Generally, Palmer will only lease equipment to companies that have been in business at least 36 months. Some unacceptable credit information for small and mid-size companies includes a bankruptcy within the past ten years, open federal and/or state tax liens, real estate tax liens or open civil suits.

How do I apply for a lease?

  1. Complete a quick, easy and secure on-line application.
  2. Print an on-line application, fill it out and fax it to us.
    Palmer Leasing Process

What factors are used to determine credit worthiness?
Generally, our credit criteria requires us to review your customer’s time in business, references (from bank and trades), credit rating (from D&B or other credit bureaus) and their personal credit profile.

How much do I have to pay up front?
A typical lease requires no up-front costs.

Do you lease to owner operators?
Most owner operators have bobtail insurance coverage – we require full coverage insurance.   The economics of obtaining full coverage insurance for an owner operator makes it difficult for them to meet our insurance requirements.

What are the insurance requirements?
We require a certificate of insurance naming Palmer Leasing, Inc. as additional name insured on your policy, and coverage for physical damage to the unit(s).
Palmer Insurance Requirements 

What am I responsible for during the rental/lease?
Daily maintenance is performed by you the client; inspect the equipment as if it were your own, following the DOT inspection regulations.
Palmer Leasing – Maintenance Terms

Lessees are responsible for:

  • Damages to equipment during the lease
  • Lease payments until damaged equipment is returned to ready/leasable condition
  • Bringing equipment to Palmer for regular maintenance or required/damage repairs
  • Maintaining proper tire pressure
  • Flat tires and run flats
  • Tire blowouts due to road hazard or improper tire pressure
  • Performing required daily inspections

Palmer is responsible for:

  • Annual inspections (customer is responsible for bringing equipment to Palmer for inspection)
  • License and title fees
  • Bringing equipment to Palmer for regular maintenance or required/damage repairs
  • Normal wear and tear – Palmer Leasing – Normal Wear Definition

What is your billing cycle?
We quote and bill by the full month – not every 4 weeks. Many of our competitors quote and bill on a four-week cycle resulting in a 13-month billing period.

Whether you select the weekly or monthly billing option, Palmer Leasing always pro-rates down to the day. Many of our competitors’ standard billing is 4-weeks with different rates if you keep the trailer less than a full month.

What if I lease the equipment for a day and keep it a week or for a week and keep it for a month?
You don’t need to worry about determining the how long you need the equipment. Unless otherwise agreed, all equipment is prorated to the less expensive rate, either weekly or monthly.

What happens if the equipment is stolen or is totally written-off following an accident?
Lesees are responsible for the equipment while it is on lease including providing liability and comprehensive insurance. In the unfortunate circumstance that equipment is stolen or damaged beyond repair, please advise us immediately and inform your insurance company. Payments should continue to be made against your Agreement until it is fully settled.

I damaged the unit. Can I have it repaired myself?
Yes, but the repairs must conform to Palmer Leasing trailer repair standards. (Palmer Leasing is not responsible for damages and will not reimburse unapproved charges.)
Palmer Leasing – Trailer Repair Guidelines

Which forms of payment do you accept?
Charge cards are accepted at time of reservation and are accepted for payment at time of equipment return or at the end of the billing cycle. Acceptable forms of payment are: Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, ACH, Cash, and Company Check.

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