Tire Replacement Policy

Tire Replacement Policy

Palmer Leasing covers normal wear and tear and will replace worn tires at any time at our facility in St. Louis. Palmer Leasing maintains a (Trailer Maintenance Schedule) where customers are provided the opportunity to bring the equipment in for maintenance where we will replace worn tires and perform maintenance at no cost to the customer.

If you notice a tire issue at any time during the lease, please notify Palmer Leasing as soon as possible.
Should a tire become unserviceable while on the road from a condition, other than those listed in the exclusion section below, the customer can make a claim to have Palmer Leasing cover the replacement of the tire.

To make a claim you must:

  1. Obtain approval and claim number from a Palmer Leasing service representative for the replacement or repair of a tire the tire/casing.
  2. Replace tire with a comparable height and tread to its mate.
  3. All work must be performed at the location designated or approved by Palmer Leasing service representative.
  4. Return the damaged casing to Palmer Leasing (3 Union Seventy Center Drive, St. Louis, MO 63120, (314) 389-4400) within 30-days of replacement.


  1. Road hazards – cuts, snags, tread tearing or chunking, punctures, bruises dragging, curbing, or impact breaks and any damage caused by improper puncture or tire repair such as separation in any part of the tire
  2. Continued use while the tire is overinflated, underinflated or flat.
  3. Tire damage or failure resulting from improper operation including overloading or any use contrary to the vehicle manufacturer’s tire recommendations.
  4. Flat tire repair – Palmer Leasing is not responsible for flat tires, all trailers leave our lot with properly inflated tires.

Palmer Leasing will not pay any unauthorized work or parts appearing on an invoice filled in connection with a repair.

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